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Note Brokering and Alternative Business Finance Services:

Our note purchasing services include:

1.  Real Estate Notes- Privately held mortgage notes (owner carry) that are secured with a residential house, land or mobile home.  There are certain         requirements do apply for approval.  Lenders may be able to sell all or portion of the note.

2.  Seller Financed Business Notes- A privately held business loan that is secured by assets owned by the business which may or may not include            property (commercial building).  These types of notes are more complex and certain requirements do apply for approval.

3.  Structured Court Settlements/Annuities- A settlement or annuity are financial instruments used to compensate individuals who have been injured      due to the negligence of an individual or organization.  Typically, annuity payments are paid to the recipient over an extended period of  time.
     Depending on the circumstances, individuals might be able to sell all, or a portion of their structured settlement in exchange for a lump sum
     cash payment.  Approval from issuing court of settlement will be needed to complete a sale on this type of note.

4.  Lottery winnings- Some lottery winnings are paid in payments over an extended period of time.  Depending on which state you reside in you may be      able to sell your lottery payments for a lump sum of cash.  

Once we've determined you have a note that might be eligible for purchase the next step is to complete a quote form.  I will be more than happy to assist you with completing a quote.  You will then get a response in 24-48 hours after submission of your quote to let you know if an offer for your note can be made or not.  If an offer is made and you decide to accept it, our people will handle all the paperwork for you and walk you through the entire process step by step.

Alternative Business Financing Options:  

1. Factoring-finance service for businesses in need of access to cash quickly.  What is factoring?  Factoring is the sale of invoices (accounts      receivable), it is a method of financing used by small businesses to gain capital quickly and increase cash flow without going to into debt.  What      is sconvenient about "factoring" is that you do not have to wait long periods of time to get paid so that you can pay your suppliers and employees      on time.  Most businesses cannot afford to wait 30,60 or even 90 days to collect payments from customers because this causes a shortage in      funds  that prevents businesses from being able to generate new sales.  Factoring allows the business owner to take control of the business and      not be at  the mercy of the customers.  All businesses both general and specialized that offer business to business products/services can apply for      funding.   We are partnered with multiple factors all over the US to better serve your business.

2.  Purchase Order Financing- PO funding is a financial service for businesses in need of cash flow to fill and complete large orders.  It provides the      needed funding to fulfill an order you could not otherwise afford to deliver.  It also enables you to accept more and larger orders.  Purchase  order      finance is ideal for businesses that sell products to large companies or government entities.  PO lenders view your purchase order as an asset to      secure financing because the PO lender pays your suppliers and collects payment of your invoice, fees are then collected after the transaction is      complete and there is little to no upfront out of pocket expense to you.  PO lenders do not have the same qualifying criteria that banks do, PO
     lenders do not look at the financial and credit strength of your company but rather the financial strength and credit worthiness of your company's      customers.  Purchase order financing can be a great financial tool to utilize for your business.  It allows you to access needed capital to maintain      and grow your business.    

3.  Merchant Cash Advcance- Merchants that generate at least $1000 in credit card transactions daily but are in need of immediate cash for inventory      or other business related costs may be able to qualify for merchant financing, many of our partners offer flexible terms and have an easy application      process.

4. Business loans/lines of credit- Businesses looking for start up funding, unsecured funding, equipment finance, revenue loans, SBA loans can apply     for loans or lines of credit starting at $10,000 to $2,000,000 with terms ranging from 3-18 months and many loan programs offer low interest rates.      Businesses in all industries are invited to apply.  Some of our partners also offer investor funding such as CrowdFunding, private and public     investors for entrepreneurs in need of funding for their start up.

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